Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So I just got back from San Francisco where I had an absolute blast at APE, the Alternative Press Expo at San Francisco's Concourse. The atmosphere of the show was totally creator friendly, and so hip and trendy my baseball cap was somehow magically transformed into the jazzy boater you see above. Even though APE not only followed Friday night Halloween partying but was also subjected to torrential rain ten minutes before the doors opened (and repeatedly throughout the day), the hall was teeming with enthusiastic attendees.

San Francisco residents were so receptive to art books and sketchbooks that I sold out of UNHUMAN, CAPTAIN STONEHEART and CONCRETE JUNGLE on the chaotically busy Saturday, and even though my friends at Image said it would never happen, a particularly discerning customer snapped up one of my spare copies of Ladrönn's FINAL INCAL for only fifty dollars (just recouping my costs -- shipping is a killer!).

A big shout out to Kathryn Renta for keeping me company in the last couple of hours of Saturday afternoon, and to the lovely Rebecca Hendin for handing me a copy of her heartbreakingly beautiful book 800 DAYS in exchange for a copy of the ELEPHANTMEN trade.

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656 Comics said...

Ape Expo sure sounds like fun! Our collective is planning on going for this years expo.

Greetings from Mexico!