Thursday, January 8, 2009


WATCHING THE ELEPHANTMEN, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

I just want to make it completely clear to all those concerned that ELEPHANTMEN, Image Comics sleeper hit series and WATCHMEN, DC Comics massively successful maxi series and trade paperback, are two completely different comics.

Aside from the fact that both titles contain the word 'MEN' and the fact that Dave Gibbons has drawn both the ELEPHANTMEN and WATCHMEN, the only other similarities between the titles is the fact that, like Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore, I am British and also my name is Alan. Well, my middle name. Also I once went out with a girl who later married a New Zealander by the name of Dave Gibbons. True story.

WATCHMEN is a finite series, ELEPHANTMEN is an ongoing monthly series. HIP FLASK, the 'parent' title to ELEPHANTMEN, actually IS a finite series, and, like WATCHMEN, a murder mystery of sorts. Also, like WATCHMEN, ELEPHANTMEN features a broad cast of characters, unlike another massively successful comic, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which centers on one character and is not a murder mystery.

Furthermore, WATCHMEN is soon to be a major motion picture and is at the center of a legal battle between Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. ELEPHANTMEN is completely free of any legal entanglements relating to picture distribution and the movie, TV and toy rights are currently still available.

Ahem, I repeat, ELEPHANTMEN movie, TV and toy rights are currently STILL AVAILABLE. Have your guy call my guy.

So there you have it, WATCHMEN and ELEPHANTMEN... completely different and not comparable at all, except in regards to the points raised above.

And a nine panel grid.

And a character by the name of Rorshach.

Just kidding.

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BrikHed said...

pretty funny - the similarity is that they are both great, but let's not confuse people