Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ELEPHANTMEN #22, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

A quick tease from issue #22 which features art by up-and-comer Andre Szymanowicz and starts tying together various story threads from the DANGEROUS LIAISONS storylines...


CAB FARE, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

Here's a sneak peek at the special signature plate for the copies of ELEPHANTMEN DAMAGED GOODS we'll be selling at San Diego Comic-con next month. Miki Art by Marian Churchland.


A BUNCH OF DALEKS, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

Just for the hell of it, art by legubrious Lee Sullivan!


NEMESIS OF THE DALEKS, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

Abslom Daak -- on a Hoverbout!


THE DALEKS, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

On Hoverbouts!


EBOO!NY, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

Just in case you guys think I forgot the title of this blog! Here's another KICKASS page from The BOOSTAH!


ICE, ICE BABY!, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

It's sonic.


DOCTOR WHO • AN EVEN COLDER DAY IN HELL!, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

In this standalone tale, the Doctor and Donna attempt to broker a peace plan between two very hierarchical and pompous alien races, the Draconians and Ice Warriors. But their best efforts are derailed by someone who stands to gain from the continued conflict.
Diamond order code is JUN09 0969. 

Synchronistically, right after wrapping up my introduction to COLD DAY IN HELL, those awfully nice chaps at IDW asked me if I could script a story for the Tenth Doctor and Donna from a plot by my good friend and all-round good egg, Gary Russell (Gary succeeded John Freeman as editor of DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE -- having worked for him as assistant editor for some time in the 90's -- and has worked in the DOCTOR WHO field ever since, writing, producing and directing audios for BIG FINISH and, more recently, script editing DOCTOR WHO, SARAH JANE ADVENTURES and TORCHWOOD for BBC WALES). 

As noted in my introduction to the Panini collection, my time as editor of the strip started and ended in Hell. Simon Furman's COLD DAY IN HELL -- kicks off the volume, and my last strip, NEMESIS OF THE DALEKS, which I co-wrote as Richard Alan with John Tomlinson (Steve Alan) was set on a planet called Hell. Check out John Freeman's blog, DOWN THE TUBES for more on COLD DAY IN HELL.

Stranger still, the first strip in COLD DAY IN HELL features the Ice Warriors, and my story for IDW, COLD-BLOODED WAR, features... the Ice Warriors! And the Draconians. And Alpha Centauri, just for kicks.

Adrian Salmon's art on this issue is Just Beautiful! It was an unexpected pleasure to work with him. Ade's seemingly effortless storytelling and simple linework is amazing -- right up there with Paul Grist.

You can see more preview art from the issue on Chris Ryall's blog here.


DOCTOR WHO, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

A collection of seventh Doctor DOCTOR WHO stories I edited, and in some cases co-wrote under the name Richard Alan, and lettered under the pseudonym ZED, was published by Panini UK last month and became available at your LCBS earlier this month.

For the record, I co-wrote TIME AND TIDE, lettered by Tom Orzechowski (what's up with THAT?!) with SLEEZE BROTHERS co-creator John Carnell, and I co-plotted, uncredited, PLANET OF THE DEAD.

The last story I co-wrote for the Seventh Doctor, NEMESIS OF THE DALEKS, is being held over for the next volume, so that they can hang on to that snappy title, no doubt.

This fine tome features the first work (on PLANET OF THE DEAD) of my good friend Lee Sullivan, who is still drawing DOCTOR WHO strips (for BATTLES IN TIME) today. Check out his website here

Also included in the collection is an introduction by Yours Truly detailing how the strip was nearly dropped from DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE altogether, and a series of interviews with the many creators featured in the book complied by John Freeman, who edited the strip -- and also designed and then edited the entire magazine! -- after my departure...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


WAR TOYS VARIANT COVER, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

And speaking of Marian...


ELEPHANTMEN DAMAGED GOODS, originally uploaded by richstarkings.

I have a handful of advance copies of the Marian Churchland ELEPHANTMEN collection which I'll be selling at THE COMIC BUG tomorrow, June 10th. Manhattan Beach -- see you there!